Why Primrose?

What can we do for you?

Day time care

Primrose is perfect for families who wish to keep their loved ones at home, but need help during the day.

Carer support with flexible day care options

Part of our philosophy is that the carer  needs to relax, and have the time to themselves, while we take responsibility and look after their loved ones for the day/morning/afternoon.

Social interaction for those living alone in the community

For the elderly who are mobile but isolated in their own home, we provide a stimulating social environment that fosters a sense of enjoyment and belonging and banishes the loneliness and boredom that can lead to a reduced quality of life.

All aspects of the physical and operational activity of Primrose will offer comfortable, compliant and caring care for Clients.

Programs are designed to offer a broad range of activities to encourage participation based on three elements; inclusion, recollection, satisfaction.

The individual activities will cover a diverse selection of happenings including gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, light exercise, puzzles, entertainment, interactive reading e.g. bush poets.